California DUI Blood Test Defenses

California DUI Blood Test Defenses

How To Defend Against A DUI Blood Test

California DUI Blood Tests may be successfully defended in your drunk driving case and/or DMV action by San Diego California DUI Defense Attorneys

Fermentation: formation of alcohol in blood tube after draw and before analysis (e.g. insufficient sodium fluoride preservative/critical delay between draw and analysis).

Clotting or coagulating.

Contamination (e.g. swabbing skin with Zephiran containing 2% ethyl alcohol).

Chain of custody or wrong blood specimen.

Improper draw or improper administration of blood test.

Failure to comply with Title 17 (e.g. failure to mix blood sample with anticoagulant and preservative).

Unqualified blood test analyst.

Failure of proper prosecution expert to appear at trial.

Blood test record not made at or near time of analysis or blood test report not trustworthy.

Unauthorized blood technician draws blood.